It started with a dream

EPC Capital started from a dream that began with two high school friends who reconnected and wanted to make Edmonton the best place to invest and develop in real estate.

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Sam and Ayaz have created something very unique in the Edmonton market. They’ve been in the business for a very long time and they have a great synergy which makes the agents in the brokerage excited to come into the office everyday. 

They are two very different personalities, Sam with his business and Ayaz’s leadership. They bring a unified front to the brokerage.

Their professionalism, positivity, and excellence are what make them both such prominent members in the Edmonton community and Edmonton real estate.  

EPC Capital is a premier real estate private equity investment firm founded in Edmonton, Alberta. Our Corporate strategy is to invest, acquire, and own Commercial Real Estate. Since our inception, EPC Capital holds over $150 Million in real estate assets and is still growing!