New Acquisition Expands EPC Mill Creek Centre

EPC Capital Ltd., a premier real estate and private equity investment firm, announced today that it has officially acquired an additional 0.6 acres with a newly constructed 6,122 SF (+/-) building, which has expanded EPC Mill Creek Centre from 38,704 SF (+/-) on 5.8 acres to 45,283 SF (+/-) on 6.4 acres. The parcel was purchased early December 2018.

EPC Capital first acquired Mill Creek Shopping Centre in April 2017 from Hopewell and has now added the eighth building to the Northwest corner of this retail complex located at 2304 – 23rd Avenue NW.

Major tenants include ATB and Servus Credit Union, and the center has a variety of retailers, professional service providers, and restaurants that serve the communities of Laurel, Silver Berry, Tamarack, Weinlos, and Daly Grove. This new building will be home to a bridal boutique and Indian restaurant opening in 2019.

Commenting on the acquisition, EPC Capital Senior Partner Sam Narayan said: “This acquisition demonstrates care for each of our properties as we maximize the potential value through expansions and improvements. EPC Mill Creek Centre is in a great location to service the local community, and adding a building to the complex not only does that, but it also drives more traffic to support the existing tenants.”

Danya LeBlanc